List of the Spreadsheet Tools products

Family of the utilities and applications for spreadsheet developers and users

xlCompiler - Convert Excel Workbook into machine code
xlCompiler converts spreadsheet into the stand-alone application file, which doesn't require Microsoft Excel and any third-party modules. Conversion to binary code protects your inellectual property and speedups execution of your code. xlCompiler is a next level of application development. You can implement complex models by using Spreadsheet Calculation Engine and Visual Basic Engine.
xlCompare - Compare and Merge Excel Files
xlCompare is the feature rich best performing Excel Diff Utility. It uses own smart algorithms to find differences between worksheets and display results of the comparison in the visual and user friendly form. This is not a usual cell-by-cell comparison. xlCompare finds added, deleted and changed data and allows to quickly merge differences using special commands. You can use it with version control application as an external Difference Viewer application.
Dependency Auditor - Analyze and trace dependencies and calculations in the Excel files
If you are working with a complex spreadsheet, and need to know where the value comes from, or how specific a cell impacts other cells - this tool saves a lot of your time. Dependency Auditor uses state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze and display data flows and calculations in Excel. Precedents and Dependents are shown in hierarchical tree form, so you can easily navigate through dependencies, quickly find cells you need, and save contents of the window ...
Dependency Auditor shows hidden dependents and precedents, produced by OFFSET and INDIRECT functions. It shows actual dependencies in your model!