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Spreadsheets are widely used in mathematic, financial, insurance modelling and other business-specific calculations. Our tools help you to save your time and increase productivity. You can put your focus on the primary tasks, while our utilities will do background work for you.
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Compile workbook into the binary machine code

xlCompiler - Compile workbook into the application which doesn't require Microsoft Excel. Protect your intellectual property by converting your formulas and VBA code into binary format. Speedup calculations in your model. Add copy protection settings (optional). This is new way of developing applications. Use calculation power and formatting features of the spreadsheets to create your application.

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Compare Excel Workbooks and VBA Code

xlCompare - Compare and merge Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, Names and VBA macros. Completely independent from Excel. Designed for version control, easy to use and fast on the large workbooks. Accurate comparison results and color-coded difference reports. Command line mode and more...

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09/12/2021 - xlCompare 10.1.10 (Regular Update)

  • RANK.AVG and RANK.EQ worksheet functions
  • Fixed compatibility issue with saving protected ranges

Protected Range is a commonly used Excel Worksheet feature. It allows to protect separate areas on the worksheet from editing. Or to assign different permissions to the ranges of cells on the worksheet. To use this option in Excel you should use the Review | Allow Edit Ranges command on the Ribbon.

RANQ.AVG and RANQ.EQ worksheet functions are used to calculate Rank of the specific value in the array of numbers.

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08/24/2021 - xlCompare 10.1.0 (Major Update)

  • We've restored Ribbon Interface in the Excel File Compare Tool
  • A number of minor improvements

Ribbon interface is very convenient to Excel users, so we've decided to restore it and use instead of the previous one. We hope, that this will make xlCompare more easy in use for you.

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08/23/2021 - xlCompiler 3.11.0 is ready to download

  • Improvements in the calculation engine
  • Fast workbook loading
  • Fixed few Internal Compiler Error issues
  • Minor fixes and improvements

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08/22/2021 - xlCompare 10.0.7 is ready to download

  • xlCompare have got faster calculation engine
  • Resolved: incorrect loading cell style records (XF)
  • Fixed few compatibility problems with loading XLSM workbooks
  • Other fixes and improvements

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08/04/2021 - Features list was updated on the xlCompare website

We've analyzed various product features published in the spreadsheet comparator reviews. Look which ones are present in the xlCompare.

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07/28/2021 - xlCompare 10 is ready to download

Major update for xlCompare is ready! List of modifications:

  • Improved performance and memory usage for extremely large workbooks
  • Include worksheet data into outlined comparison report
  • xlCompare has got multithreading core - perform time consuming operations without freezing the interface
  • Minor improvements and fixes

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07/07/2021 - New article on the xlCompare website

How to use Comparison Wizard in the xlCompare.

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