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Spreadsheets are widely used in mathematic, financial, insurance modelling and other business-specific calculations. Our tools help you to save your time and increase productivity. You can put your focus on the primary tasks, while our utilities do the background work for you.
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Compare Excel Workbooks and VBA Code

xlCompare - Compare and Merge Excel Files (XLSX, XLS, XLSM), CSV and Text files. Standlone applilcation, completely independent from Excel. Filter and Extract Modified Records in Excel Tables, Update Excel file with rows from another sheet and more. Consilidate two excel files into one. Merge several sheets in same excel file. Compare two excel tables by primary key. Designed for version control (GIT Diff Tool for Excel files), easy to use and fast on the large workbooks. Accurate comparison results and color-coded difference reports. Command line mode and more... xlCompare is the Best Excel File Compare Tool!

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Compile workbook into the binary machine code

xlCompiler - Compile workbook into the application which doesn't require Microsoft Excel. Protect your intellectual property by converting your formulas and VBA code into binary format. Speedup calculations in your model. Add copy protection settings (optional). This is new way of developing applications. Use calculation power and formatting features of the spreadsheets to create your application.

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02/03/2022 - xlCompare 10.5

  • 3-Way comparison for Excel files
  • Merge Excel files from command line
  • Improved primary key processing
  • Improved worksheet alignment in comparison report
  • Fixed few compatibility issues with XLSX format
  • Minor updates and fixes

What's new in this update ...

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02/14/2022 - How to exclude range of rows from comparison

Read our article in the xlCompare Space about processing hidden rows and columns on the worksheet ...

Ignore hidden data in xlCompare ...

02/09/2022 - How xlCompare displays differences on the worksheet

Every Excel file comparison tool highlights modified cells with color. But we would like to describe option that is present only in xlCompare. It is called Extended View. When xlCompare detects difference in the cell value, it displays original and modified value in the same place...

Extended View mode in xlCompare ...

02/08/2022 - Join our space on Quora

We've opened an xlCompare Space in Quora to share with you information about xlCompare options and commands.

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01/14/2022 - Join our Linkedin community

Please, visit our Linked in page. We'll be happy to see you in the list of our followers.

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01/14/2022 - Update on the xlCompare website

Compare and Merge SCV files using Excel File Compare Tool:

Compare CSV files in Excel ...

CSV-Dateien vergleichen:

Die in CSV-Dateien gespeicherten Datensätzen vergleichen und zusammenführen ...

Bestes Excel - Vergleichstool:

Lassen sie uns über die Bewertungen von Excel-Dateivergleichern sprechen, um festzustellen, welcher der beste ist ...

13/01/2022 - xlCompare 10.4

  • German Language Pack for xlCompare is included into the product.
  • Remove Duplicate Primary Keys\Rows
  • Clear Duplicate Primary Keys\Rows (leave first entry and remove others)
  • Filter Duplicates
  • Highlight Duplicates with fill color
  • Split Columns with custom text delimiter
  • Join Columns with custom text delimiter
  • Convert Text Values to Numbers
  • Remove Spaces in cell texts
  • New Edit Primary Keys Dialog
  • Option to disable calculations
  • Polished Comparison Algorithms: faster processing and more accurate results
  • Reworked Primary Key detection algorithms
  • Items in the Difference Explorer are always synchronized with worksheet views
  • Print to PDF: now xlCompare prints all worksheets, instead of active sheet
  • Reworked Ribbon Control: New commands added
  • Fixed problem in HEX2DEC function in the Spreadsheet Core engine
  • Fixed a few issues with saving XLSM files
  • Minor updates and fixes

What's new in this update ...

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12/29/2021 - xlCompiler 3.11.24

  • New Visual Basic functions.
  • Fixed problem with worksheet recalculation after changing Application.Calculation property.
  • InputBox function and Application.InputBox method
  • Minor updates and fixes

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12/02/2021 - xlCompare 10.3.0

  • Compare Excel Files with Changed Primary Keys. Use this option to compare excel sheets with updated keys. This flexible approach allows to detect changes in the key fields, instead of marking whole records as deleted.
  • Filter Updated Rows - leave only rows, which have updated cells and hide other ones.
  • Mark Changed Cells with Color. Now this command inserts corresponding value into updated cell, if you are using Extended View mode.

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11/10/2021 - Merge two Excel Files into one

Use excel diff tool (xlCompare) to combine two excel files into one, by merging different row and updating corresponding cells.

This video shows one of the cases, where you can use out xlcomparator to consolidate excel files.

11/07/2021 - xlCompare 10.2.7 (Regular Update)

  • Fixed problem with wrong recalculation of total count of differences.
  • Fixed issue with filling different rows with background color when merging worksheets.

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11/02/2021 - New video in our Youtube Channel

How to use Comparison Wizard in the Excel File Compare Tool. Manage groups of the compared worksheets and setup comparison options.

Comparison Wizard is an important part of the xlCompare. Please, watch this video if you are going to compare and merge excel files.

10/12/2021 - xlCompare 10.2.0 (Major Update)

  • Reworked Ribbon Interface: Merge and Filter records with Home Tab
  • Number of improvements and fixes

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09/29/2021 - xlCompare 10.1.17 (Minor Update)

  • Sort Excel Tables before comparison
  • Improved Primary Key Detection algorithm
  • Improved Text Comparison options: compare text files without delimiter
  • Fixed number of compatibility issues when opening XLSX files

Sort Tables. This is important option which makes your data properly aligned in the comparison report. Usually you sort your sheets by key column to get cells ordered. xlCompare automatically does this work for you.

Primary Keys. Most of the spreadsheet have database structure. Such Excel Tables contain primary keys used to identify equal records. In xlCompare you can define Primary Key Columns and Rows with a right click menu commands. But when you load your excel find into xl compare - it makes initial selection of the key columns and offer it to you. This algorithm was improved in this update.

Compare CSV files. This is one of the primary features in xl compare. Please, visit this page for additional information: Compare CSV files with xl compare

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09/12/2021 - xlCompare 10.1.10 (Regular Update)

  • RANK.AVG and RANK.EQ worksheet functions
  • Fixed compatibility issue with saving protected ranges

Protected Range is a commonly used Excel Worksheet feature. It allows to protect separate areas on the worksheet from editing. Or to assign different permissions to the ranges of cells on the worksheet. To use this option in Excel you should use the Review | Allow Edit Ranges command on the Ribbon.

RANQ.AVG and RANQ.EQ worksheet functions are used to calculate Rank of the specific value in the array of numbers.

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08/24/2021 - xlCompare 10.1.0 (Major Update)

  • We've restored Ribbon Interface in the Excel File Compare Tool
  • A number of minor improvements

Ribbon interface is very convenient to Excel users, so we've decided to restore it and use instead of the previous one. We hope, that this will make xlCompare more easy in use for you.

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08/23/2021 - xlCompiler 3.11.0 is ready to download

  • Improvements in the calculation engine
  • Fast workbook loading
  • Fixed few Internal Compiler Error issues
  • Minor fixes and improvements

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08/22/2021 - xlCompare 10.0.7 is ready to download

  • xlCompare have got faster calculation engine
  • Resolved: incorrect loading cell style records (XF)
  • Fixed few compatibility problems with loading XLSM workbooks
  • Other fixes and improvements

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08/04/2021 - Features list was updated on the xlCompare website

We've analyzed various product features published in the spreadsheet comparator reviews. Look which ones are present in the xlCompare.

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07/28/2021 - xlCompare 10 is ready to download

Major update for xlCompare is ready! List of modifications:

  • Improved performance and memory usage for extremely large workbooks
  • Include worksheet data into outlined comparison report
  • xlCompare has got multithreading core - perform time consuming operations without freezing the interface
  • Minor improvements and fixes

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07/07/2021 - New article on the xlCompare website

How to use Comparison Wizard in the xlCompare.

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