Special and Fast Comparison of Excel Sheets from xlCompare 3.0

New xlCompare 3.0 saves a lot of office hours with fast comparing and merging of Excel files. xlCompare does not request special parameters to compare workbooks, named items or VBA macros. Everything is done in a couple of clicks without selecting options.
The trouble of manual search for the added, deleted and changed data has been a nagging pain for every accountant or office dweller. xlCompare makes the task of finding differences between worksheets much simpler on the base of its own quickly operating algorithm. The final results of the comparison look like the ordinary Excel spreadsheet, which makes it easy to navigate through all differences and see data in the same window.
Once decision is made which sheet should be treated as old and which as new xlCompare starts its work and soon the obtained results of comparison are perfectly represented on a new sheet which is scrolled synchronously with the analyzed ones. The transfer of the selected data into the third workbook and highlighting of the intersection of the compared spreadsheets are also guaranteed by the smart algorithm. Moreover, straight from worksheets the user may even compare "mixed" lists of data and get results of high quality.
Computer-aided comparison of Excel files from xlCompare has some more striking advantages as the program allows for merging the books which is not characteristic of rival products. The quality of the comparison is also unbeatable as xlCompare detects added, deleted and modified data not by ordinary cell-by-cell comparison but using the specially designed algorithm. The tool also has a number of advanced features to mark and export differences, to edit data in the report window and to operate with XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, CSV files. All the enlisted options make it rewarding to buy a full version of the product and thus to increase the productivity in the workplace.
xlCompare supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010, including Windows 7 64-bit and Excel 2010 64-bit version.
Launched in 2006 Spreadsheet Tools specializes in the development of Excel Add-in and has already gained its popularity with workbook auditing tool Dependency Auditor, and LockXLS – workbook copy protection software. Upon request, any necessary option can be added in the product for free.