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What is included into the xlCompare 4.0 update.

Version 4.0 is a next generation of the xlCompare product.
xlCompare 3.3.6 which is available at this moment already has all comparison features needed to compare Excel workbooks. But it has some limitations caused by using Excel application to open workbooks and display the data. To get read of them we've decided to combine xlCompare and xlCompiler.
Spreadsheet Engine of the xlCompiler + Comparison Engine of the xlCompare = xlCompare 4.0
What can I expect from using xlCompiler platform as a basis of the xlCompare?
  • Faster performance
  • More accurate comparison results
  • Wider range of the compared objects
  • Simple and clear interface which has only comparison functions
If you have a suggestion for the new version of xlCompare, please send it to us using the Support Page