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xlCompare 2014 (4.0) has been published!

xlCompare 2014 - is a completely new workbook comparison software.

A year ago when our team was in Dubai on the holidays, we've got an idea to combine the Comparison Engine we have in the xlCompare utility and the Spreadsheet Engine created for xlCompiler application. This way gives us complete independence from Excel application. We've planned to create new xlCompare in the way we want - application focused on the comparison, not on the spreadsheet calculations and other features. This should be a comparison tool #1 for a spreadsheet developers. Formula for this tool is the following:

Spreadsheet Engine of the xlCompiler + Comparison Engine of the xlCompare = xlCompare 2014

9 month of development and now new tool is coming to the market. We've implemented it exactly as planned initially:

xlCompare 2014 interface

All space is divided into 2 panes where you see 2 workbooks. You can easily navigate between worksheets and VBA macros. In a single click you can switch from the worksheet view to the VBA view.

Comparison report shows complete list of found differences. Merge commands use same priciples for worksheets and VBA Modules. So, this tool is very easy to use.

We would like you to download and try this utility. Hope you will be satisfied with our tool.

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If you have a suggestion for the new version of xlCompare, please send it to us using the Support Page